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Electric Fireplace (EF34)

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Item Description (Part Number)

1- Fan/Heater Assembly (W062-0019) +$Call to order QTY:
2- Thermostat Knob [EF34] (W380-0013) +$11.68 QTY:
4- 60 Watt Light Bulb Clear (W387-0001) +$Call to order QTY:
5- 7 Watt Light Bulb (Call for part #) +$Call to order QTY:
6- Flame Effect Motor (W435-0004) +$Call to order QTY:
7- Thermostat Switch (W660-0022) +$24.95 QTY:
8- Main Power Switch (W660-0023) +$11.68 QTY:
9- Moment Switch (W660-0024) +$Call to order QTY:
12- Remote Conrtrol-Transmitter [EF34] (W660-0038) +$Call to order QTY:
13- Remote Control -Receiver [EF34] (W660-0037) +$Call to order QTY:
15- Flame Effect Assembly [EF34] (W010-1090) +$Call to order QTY:
16- Nylon Bearing (W045-0001) +$11.68 QTY:
23- Screen EF34 [2Per] (W565-0070) +$Call to order QTY:
24- Screen Rod EF34 (W555-0045) +$Call to order QTY:
25- Plastic Diffuser (W497-0001) +$153.59 QTY:
26- Rubber Foot (W272-0001) +$Call to order QTY:
28- Owners Manual [EF34] [Hard copy] (W272-0003) +$21.99 QTY:
28- Owners Manual [EF34] [Electronic copy] (W272-0003) +$9.99 QTY:

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